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"Creating jewelry from the treasures of earth"

Out of Creation Jewelry had its rather unintentional beginnings in 1998 in North Central Florida, where I have resided for many years.   During that  year I found an old, silver dime, visited a gem mine in the Appalachian Mountains, and subsequently fell in love with working with precious metals and colored stones.

As with any lifelong passion, I began by making gifts for friends and family using primitive tools and techniques. After making a few sales, I realized that I’d found my passion. Out of Creation grew organically out of that spontaneous love of gem and metal work. 

Since that inspired, early time, I’ve pursued new techniques and tools as the art of jewelry making progresses. Butane, acetylene, and Oxy-Propane torches as well as a wide variety of tools are now at my disposal.

I have also grown in my skill at cutting cabochon gems in  an area in my studio  designated for lapidary work. Learning new techniques and skills from other artist-jewelers continues to inspire and impassion me.

My work represents my love for  the natural world, of the Creator who forged the precious stones and metals I work with in the first place. I invite you to join me in celebration of everything Out of Creation!